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‘pure natural sunlight’

CleanLight is founded in 2005 with the aim to fight Powdery Mildew. Our low dose of UV-lighting is high enough to destroy fungi, bacteria and viruses and low enough to keep your crops healthy. By choosing CleanLight you will enjoy all the advantages of our innovative technology. Join our growing community of CleanLight owners and start creating the best quality crops.

Marijuana Growers…

You’ll Love This Safe, Easy Way to

Beat Gray Mold and Powdery Mildew

Gray mold and powdery mildew can wreck your cannabis buds overnight. You’ve tried sulfur burners, environmental controls, Eagle 20, or other sprays or poisons…but they taint your buds, making them unfit for consumption, and it’s dangerous for you using them.

Now use CleanLight ultraviolet technology and beat those gray mold and powdery mildew—without polluting your buds with gunk and poisons. Look what you get from CleanLight ultraviolet crop protection technology:

  • Scientifically proven to block powdery mildew and bud rot.
  • Scientifically proven to eradicate powdery mildew, even after it has infected plants.
  • No chemicals, sprays, mess, or residues.
  • Totally safe for plants and growers. 
  • Totally compliant with all cannabis safety regulations.
  • CleanLight offers solid warranties and prompt, friendly customer support.
  • Used in the smallest grow rooms all the way up to the largest, licensed commercial cannabis growing facilities.
  • Exceptionally Cost-Effective.
  • Prevents Crop Losses.
  • Can be used to purge pathogens from plants, grow rooms, growing equipment and fertigation water.
  • CleanLight is a professional science-based company using the best manufacturing standards, product designs, and components.

Want proof? Take a look at the photo. The leaf without powdery mildew was treated by CleanLight ultraviolet technology. The other one wasn’t. You see the obvious power of CleanLight…


Proven method

The fine-tuned UVC, specific for the surface of plants ant the air in your grow room.

Easy to use

It’s easy to use, you only need to apply a treatment of 3 seconds on the surface of the plants, once a day.

Legally allowed

The use of CleanLight products is allowed on all sorts of cultivation.

Usable at post-harvest

Because CleanLight does not leave residues, it can be used until harvest.

Biological treatment

No use of pesticides which lower quality of your plants, and no residues.

Free UPS shipping

Usually your order will reach your doorstep within 1-3 working days

who are we?

View our short animated video, which give you a clear view of our proven method!




Why we are different

CleanLight is based on UV technology. This technology was established in 2005 and introduced in 2008. With our technology you don’t need to spay heavy chemicals to disinfect your crops. Diseases like mildew and botrytis will be destroyed, this will lead to a healthy and viable crop……

‘A disruptive innovation in agriculture’ 

CleanLight UV crop protection is an effective and clean way to protect crops against diseases and to improve the quality of plants and crops. CleanLight is a great success in professional horticulture, CleanLight is used in more than 35 countries mainly because of the quality improvement and the residue-free method. Mildew and botrytis, in particular, are fungi that CleanLight can effectively combat with UV!

From Our Clients

We apply CleanLight daily on our young plants to increase the leaf mass, to give the plants a more natural compact form, and to prevent powdery mildew from developing on our plants.

Bejo Seeds

“Thanks to CleanLight we are able to produce quality seeds without powdery mildew and botrytis.”


“Using the CleanLight technology on a daily basis results in mildew- and budrot-free yields, which is very important to ensure the quality of medical grade cannabis plants.”

Serious Seeds

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