CleanLight: Protecting Your Cannabis Plants with Ultraviolet Light

Cannabis growers worldwide, including the largest licensed producers, are using CleanLight UV-C crop protection gear to help them beat molds, mildews, fusarium and other attackers that can destroy your buds and profits.

You’re probably wondering why our CleanLight UV-C gear is so popular and reliable in cannabis gardens, so let’s take a moment to consider how our company started and why we’re your best choice for ultraviolet crop protection.  

We start with our esteemed CleanLight founder, Arne Aiking. He has decades of experience in forestry and other agriculture-related industries, and his idea for using ultraviolet light as a sanitizer and sterilizer in agriculture, food production, public spaces and health facilities came in a fascinating way when Arne was working as a  forest scientist in Chile many years ago. He noticed a small army of female forestry workers diligently shuttling small trees from their nighttime home in a greenhouse out into the sunlight every morning.

When Arne asked the women and their employer why they did this, they told him sunlight is a natural disinfectant that kills the pathogens that build up on the plants overnight.

Arne responded by saying, “Your young trees are getting sunlight inside the greenhouse, so why do you need to move them out into the open?” The forestry workers explained that most greenhouse materials block ultraviolet-C (UV-C) radiation that kills pathogens on plants and other surfaces. Arne started researching UV-C and discovered to his delight that it is indeed a very powerful disinfectant and anti-pathogen.

Inspired by the idea of using UV-C to stop devilish pathogens that cost farmers, marijuana growers and others hundreds of millions of dollars every year and could threaten our food supply, Arne spent years working with agriculturalists, agronomists, plant scientists, engineers and other experts to create the world’s best UV-C gear for fighting pathogens.

In 2006, Arne founded CleanLight in The Netherlands and began producing the most innovative, easy to use, safe, cost-effective crop protection technology ever seen. Today, our company is renowned worldwide, and we have to keep expanding to keep up with demand for our products!

The advantage

CleanLight gear is exceptionally popular for many reasons. One reason is it’s built with the highest levels of design, engineering, components, quality control, and manufacturing standards. With thousands of satisfied CleanLight gear users in at least 26 countries, our products are used indoors and outdoors in all kinds of agricultural endeavors. They’re reliable, rugged, and effective.

Our gear protects marijuana plants grown indoors and outdoors, field crops, greenhouse plants, flower bulb crops, harvested fruit, nuts and vegetables, legal cannabis, crop environments, equipment, and other infrastructure by killing harmful molds, mildews, virus and bacteria. Not only that, our gear sterilizes water and air, removing harmful pathogens constantly, quickly and easily.



Cannabis growers  discover that CleanLight UV-C liberates them from overreliance on harmful fungicides, mildewcides and other materials, saves time and money, makes their products safer and more compliant with organic and other safety and agricultural protocols, and allows them to grow crops they couldn’t have easily grown before.

One thing marijuana growers should always remember is that the standard interventions against powdery mildew and bud rot almost always involves sprays or systemic chemicals that damage if not destroy bud quality. In regulated, legal cannabis paradigms, using these interventions results in contaminated crops that won’t pass inspection. CleanLight UV-C doesn’t create any of those problems for you. It’s totally safe and your buds will be free of molds, mildews and harmful residues.


Another reason you love CleanLight is we’re dedicated to product excellence and your satisfaction. Our team has traveled worldwide to work onsite with producers to design customized equipment for their needs. Our technical support and engineering people are superbly creative and innovative in creating gear that works best for you. Not only that, we give you the most practical counsel on how to use our gear for maximum benefits; this includes videos and other customized instructions.

 You’ll be glad to know that integrity, a passion for making the best gear, and innovative, proprietary scientific research and engineering are at the core of our company ethos. We understand and care deeply about challenges faced by farmers, medicinal plant growers, greenhouse workers, flower bulb producers, fruit and nut producers, and others in the valuable agricultural and food industries.

We’ve heard the stories of heartbreak when growers see powdery mildew, fusarium, leaf septoria, gray mold (botrytis cinerea) and other pathogens destroy fat, sticky buds overnight. We know how growers struggle with use of anti-pathogenic chemicals and costly environmental controls in often-vain attempts to safely and easily block pathogenic outbreaks before they start in your grow room or outdoor marijuana garden.

Worse yet, traditional interventions used to fight harmful molds, mildews, pathogens and viruses create risk, cost a lot of money, time and effort, endanger workers and consumers. The good news is: CleanLight UV-C has been scientifically proven to reduce and even eliminate these pathogens safely, quickly and easily.

One of the most important facets of our company is that we’re always innovating, always upgrading, always responding to the world’s needs. For example, as soon as the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic became apparent, we put our scientists to work researching that novel virus to see if UV-C could help stop its spread. It can.

Within days of the pandemic crisis beginning, we’re already shipping our handheld UV-C products, UV-C tunnels and other anti-viral UV-C devices to hospitals, doctor’s offices, airports and other facilities. When used as directed, CleanLight UV-C gear kills Coronavirus on all surfaces and equipment, and in the air and water (but don’t use it on your skin).

Let’s also note that using CleanLight UV-C is a way to beat Darwinian natural selection and the relentless adaptivity pathogens utilize as they quickly evolve to become immune to chemicals used against them. In the same way overuse of antibiotics creates super-microbes impervious to antibiotics, overreliance on fungicides, mildewcides and similar chemicals is creating mutant, nearly-immortal crop killing pathogens. When used as directed, our UV-C light treatments stop those pathogens without giving them the opportunity to develop immunity to UV-C’s killing power.

Now you see the obvious fact that CleanLight is the leader in UV-C technology because our gear is designed and works better, our products are reliable, safe and easy to use, we’re pioneers and innovators, we’re science-based, and most of all…we’re 100% dedicated to solving your pathogen problems so you have better outcomes, fewer hassles, and more profits.

Get in touch with us today and see how CleanLight works to protect your marijuana plants. Helping you achieve your goals is what we love to do most.

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