Cleanlight handhelds

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Hobby gardeners also suffer from fungi on plants, in the garden, or at home, and prefer not to use chemical pesticides. CleanLight has developed hand-held products for these growers. Fungi such as mildew and botrytis can be effectively eliminated in this way by means of UV light. This UV light is largely filtered through the ozone layer and is returned to the plants by CleanLight, especially crops in the house or in the greenhouse taking full advantage of this. A daily dose of sunlight enhances the resilience and vitality of the plants. This also makes the plants more resistant to insects such as thrips, spider mites and lice.



The CleanLight Hobby unit

The CleanLight Home & Garden is a plug & play unit that is easy to use. The CleanLight Hobby Unit uses an 11-Watt UV lamp that is just strong enough to kill fungi, viruses and bacteria but does not harm the plants and crops. With the CleanLight Hobby Unit, you protect your beloved plants, flowers and crops in an organic and environmentally friendly way. CleanLight can be used indoors and outdoors, the crops outside are stronger and can also be illuminated longer (5-10 seconds).

The CleanLight Pro

This method of crop protection leaves no residues on the crop and can be used from cutting to after harvest. CleanLight is particularly effective against mildew! It is precisely in the final phase that the use of chemicals is completely undesirable. No license is required for use! The CleanLight Pro can also be used very effectively to disinfect the room from all kinds of microorganisms. Order the PRO kit now including gloves and UV safety glasses.