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Frequently Asked Questions

A few questions that are frequently asked by our customers 

How often should CleanLight be used ?

CleanLight advices to use the CleanLight Hobby Unit on a daily basis. Against powdery mildew or other fungus types that do not grow into the plant it is also possible to use the light 2 or 3 times per week.


Is the CleanLight technology also usable in the open air?

The CleanLight technology is usable in the open air. Crops in the open air are usually stronger and can, therefore endure more light. Plants outside can be lightet up to 10 seconds on one spot.

Which fungi does CleanLight kill?

All fungi that grow from the outside in. Fungus that is easy to kill with CleanLight UV crop protection is for example powdery mildew, this type of fungus stays ‘on’ the plant. Diseases that can be lightet with CleanLight UV lamps will be killed. With regard to botrytis, this fungus can be killed as well with CleanLight but if it grew into the plant or crop it is not possible to cure it again.

How long will the lamps last?

CleanLight NL the Dutch company that partners with CleanLight USA, recommends replacing the lamp every two years in both the CleanLight Pro and Hobby Unit. This works out to between 4000- 6500 hours of use. The lamp in the CleanLight Air should be replaced once a year with continuous use.

Can CleanLight USA help me with a commercial application?

The CleanLight retail line is based on success of our commercial line. Email us or call us to hear what we can offer your commercial or large scale operation.

How many square feet will the CleanLight Air treat?

The CleanLight Air will treat rooms up to 100 cubic meters or 3500 square feet. What does this mean in square feet? If your ceiling is eight feet high than CleanLight will treat a 437.5 square foot room.