Cleanlight UV-boom

Innovative protection  

The CleanLight Boom is developed primarily for the production of leafy vegetables and young plants.
This light weight boom does not spray pesticides or water.
It only sprays light, once a day, to reduce or eliminate your dependency on chemical pesticides.
The parabolic reflectors ensure that all light is directed downward, for optimum efficacy. And to protect bystanders against UV light.
These specially designed reflectors also make part of the UV light “diffuse” which explains the good results even in dense crops.


What it does

The CleanLight Boom sprays with special “light” instead of spraying chemicals. This system makes it easy for a grower to give his plants a beneficial shot of UV light once a day, or perhaps even twice a day


Why should you use a CleanLight Boom?

The CleanLight Boom is a simple and lightweight boom. It can run on existing heating pipes or we can supply rails. This is the easiest way of integrating CleanLight in greenhouses, large grow rooms or outdoor production.

What are the benefits

  • Safe for people, crop, beneficial insects and IPM
  • Can be used alongside conventional crop protection
  • Leaves no residue
  • Kills diseases before they penetrate the plant
  • Enhance the vitality of indoor crops
  • Saves labour
  • Can be used at any stage

The productsheet

The CleanLight UV boom is the ultimate addition for commercial growers. Using this method you can irradiate your crops in a quick and easy way. This one-time investment is a sustainable way to protect your crop against diseases such as botrytis and powdery mildew. Read the product sheet for more specific information.

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