CleanLight Handhelds

The CleanLight Hobby Unit is strong enough to kill powdery mildew on the surface of your plants without stressing your plant. If possible growers should use the product everyday to prevent the spread of powdery mildew and botryis.


CLeanLight UV-Boom

The CleanLight Boom is developed primarily for the production of leafy vegetables and young plants. This light weight boom does not spray pesticides or water.  It only sprays light, once a day, to reduce or eliminate your dependancy on chemical pesticides.


CleanLight Handcarts

The CleanLight Handtrolley is designed for medium-large growers to reduce the use of fungicides and to improve the quality of the crop. The CleanLight Handtrolley comes with a safety kit (safety glasses, safety suit, safetey gloves, safety mask).


water purifier

The CleanLight Water Purifier Pro 130 ensures clean, fresh and clear water through an efficient and environmentally friendly way. The water is passed through the UV-C device using a pump. The UV-C radiation neutralizes bacteria, viruses and other primitive organisms and stops their reproduction. With this method, chlorine is no longer required to clean the water.


CleanLight Air purification

The CleanLight Air is a professional grower grade air filtration system that fights bacteria, viruses and fungi in your grow room. Designed, tested, and manufactured in the European Union, the CleanLight Air is made of high-quality components.